ARIADNE Network: Human Trafficking and Migration in SE and E. Europe 

The fourth joint project of ARIADNE Network is a follow-up to three previous ARIADNE projects and builds on exprerience, expertise and cooperation established among ARIADNE Network members and between ARIADNE Network and national and regional stakeholders, active in the field of human trafficking in  SE and E. Europe. Its goals include awareness raising for vulnerable groups on interconnection between trafficking and migration; exchange of information, good practices and know-how on victim identification; research on referral mechanisms; promoting cooperation among countries of origin transit and destination. 

More specifically, it aims to foster better protection and assistance to victims of human  trafficking through early and proper identification with four interdependent activities: 

a. Research and further development of the ARIADNE website. The site will continue being updated and developed with new categories of information in order to promote, facilitate exchange of information in the wider region and act as a credible, authoritative information source-base. 

b. Organisation of an international roundtable on Identification of Trafficked persons, Narional Refferal Mechanisms and Migration. ARIADNE members, government representatives and other national and international experts from the wider region will be invited to participate to the meeting in order exchange views on identification guidelines for victims, as well as on the existence, operation, needs and gaps of national referral mechanisms (NRMs)with the aim of future development of national and transnational mechanisms in the region. This roundtable will allow participants to explore new trends and the links between migration and human trafficking, exchange experiences, and discuss the needs of their respective countries and the region as a whole. 

c. Research and Publication of a Manual on Identification Guidelines for Victims of Trafficking. On the basis of the outcomes of the preceding Roundtable, this activity will take advantage of the expertise, existent activities and experience of the ARIANDE Network members and will incorporate this expertise into common victim identification guidelines. The resulting manual will include guidelines and good practices referring to social, legal, psychological and medical aspects of the identification procedure.  The Manual will be published in English and in five local languages of ARIADNE Network. 

d.Information and awareness raising for vulnerable groups on issues of trafficking, migration and discrimination in Greece as a country of origin including training seminars for team and youth leaders, awareness raising for children and train the trainers for selected target groups.