Developing effective reintegration models for trafficked persons in the Western Balkans

The 5th ARIADNE Network project is a follow up of the four previous ARIADNE projects, all co-financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The overall aim of the project is to produce, through the exchange of experiences and good practices, tested models for rehabilitation/reintegration, specifically tailored to the needs of the region and enable partners and other actors to benefit from shared knowledge and expertise.

The proposed Project comprises four interdependent and interconnected activities, namely:


  1. Organisation of a Regional Roundtable on victim rehabilitation/reintegration in SE Europe with the participation of government representatives and other national and international experts, in order to exchange views and experiences on rehabilitation and reintegration, examine gaps, needs and good practices of existing models of rehabilitation and reintegration. Participants will explore new trends, including the links between social reintegration and the role of the market and discuss the needs of their respective countries and the region as a whole.


  1. The conclusions of the Regional Roundtable will be incorporated in the Manual for models of victim reintegration and  will include guidelines and good practices referring to social, legal, psychological and medical aspects of the identification procedure.  The publication will focus on issues of effective/successful reintegration and respective approaches and principles, designing individual protection plans for overall victim rehabilitation enabling them to lead an independent life, incorporating issues of professional development, monitoring and follow-up of cases of repatriation, assessment of successful processes of reintegration etc. The Manual will be published in English.


  1. Publication of survivor stories on different aspects of the reintegration process. These will be success stories or stories revealing the problems and/or the difficult process that victims face: reintegration, lack of supporting structures and networks, danger of re-victimization etc. This publication will be used as a prevention and awareness raising tool for the general public, with special focus on youth and vulnerable groups (e.g. young women, women in rural areas etc). The publication will be published electronically in English and will be translated and printed in the 3 local languages of project partners (Albania, FYROM, B&H).


  1. Organisation of a Workshop for raising awareness on human trafficking and violence, their consequences at personal and social level and models/approaches for prevention of such phenomena. The workshop will aim to benefit in the long term victims of violence and exploitation by sensitizing prospective empoyers and young proffessionals.


  1. Further development and update of the ARIADNE website. The site will continue being updated and developed with new categories of information in order to promote, facilitate exchange of information in the wider region and act as a credible, authoritative information source-base. 

Download first findings powerpoint file from here

Download Ariadne Reintegration manual here