The third Joint Project of the ARIADNE Network, includes the publication of the ARIADNE Manual on Good Practices against Human Trafficking: models for prevention, assistance and protection.  


This publication is based on the Workshop for the exchange of good practices among the ARIADNE partners that took place in September 2008 in Istanbul. The manual covers a number of related topics such as: assistance to victims, raising awareness and prevention activities, re- integration of victims etc developed and adopted by the ARIADNE partners. 

The purpose of this good practices manual is twofold: (a) to aid the exchange of positive experiences among ARIADNE Network members on the areas of prevention, assistance and protection of victims of trafficking; (b) to disseminate good practice models among other service providers, whether governmental or non-governmental, with the aim to prevent and combat more effectively the phenomenon, improve the services offered to victims and/or potential victims of human trafficking and enhance counter-trafficking efforts at the national and regional level.

The good practices reports contained in this volume cover a number of key areas in the fight against human trafficking, pertinent to the work of the ARIADNE Network members. Topics examined include prevention, assistance and protection of victims of human trafficking, advocacy and lobbying, training and capacity building of specific target groups.