"Regional Guidelines on the Identification of Trafficked Persons: A manual for South-Eastern and Eastern Europe" is the result of the fourth joint project of the ARIADNE Network against Trafficking in Human Beings titled “Human Trafficking and Migration in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe”. The project was implemented by the Human Rights Defence Centre (KEPAD), Greece, in partnership with 15 NGO members of the ARIADNE Network and financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 



You can download the publication 

in English here 

In order to provide the basis for the development of the Regional Guidelines, a thematic research was conducted by the NGO members of the ARIADNE Network with the objective to analyse the existing situation and particularities of the identification process of trafficked persons in each participating country. The research focused on the following areas, reflecting different aspects of the identification of trafficked persons: 
a) legal aspects (national policy and level of formalization/ standardization of the identification procedure in each country); 
b) organisational aspects (preliminary and formal identification, role of NGOs, etc.); 
c) indicators for the identification of trafficked persons and their correlation with the definition of human trafficking; 
d) ethical aspects of interviewing trafficked persons; 
e) respect of human rights of trafficked persons and special rights of minors, providing access to necessary protection and assistance.


The Regional Guidelines focus not only on the theoretical aspects of trafficking in human beings, but also on various good practices developed by NGOs from participating countries. 

They also include recommendations on the main aspects of the organisation of a system of identification of trafficked persons. The overall purpose is that these Guidelines form a comprehensive basis for the elaboration of national standards and contribute towards a better and more effective identification system.  

The manual is available in English. It has also been translated and published in five local languages of the ARIADNE Network (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, FYROM, Montenegro and Serbia) and has been distributed to relevant stakeholders active in the field of human trafficking in the wider region. 

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