An international roundtable entitled “Combating human trafficking in SE Europe and the Black Sea Region: Identification of trafficked persons–National Referral Mechanisms – Migration” was held in Athens, Greece on 8-9 June 2011.

The roundtable was organized within the “ARIADNE Network- Human Trafficking and Migration in SE and Eastern Europe” project funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the “Program of Cooperation in the Black Sea Region in the Area of Migration between countries of Origin, Transit and Destination” (Black Sea Migration Project) funded by the European Union. 


The aim of this roundtable was to: 
- critically assess existing identification models  and NRMs, with the aim to form part of a future joint initiatives for developing effective NRMs in the region; 
- detect and  analyse good practices, gaps, needs, strengths and weaknesses in the identification process of trafficked persons, as well as  propose effective models of identification; 
- formulate recommendations on the improvement of the identification procedure; 
- explore new trends in TiP and possible links between migration and human trafficking, exchange experiences and discuss the needs of participating countries and the region as a whole. 

The RT brought together 30 participants from 11 countries from the Black Sea region and SE Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, Montenegro). Participants were representatives of civil society organizations, independent experts, as well as governmental representatives of the Greek Ministry of Citizens? Protection/Hellenic Police- Anti-Trafficking Unit; the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior- Juvenile Police Department. Participants presented their extensive experience on the implementation of National Referral Mechanisms in their countries, and discussed extensively conceptual, methodological and practical aspects of victim identification in the region with the aim to draft a common tool of analysis based on their expertise and experience.



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